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Do you have a:

  • Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light on?
  • Rough idle?
  • Engine hesitation?
  • Poor fuel MPG?
  • Smog Check due or have already failed your Smog?

When your Check engine light turns on, the vehicle actually stores important information about the problem, this can be retrieved with your Scan tool or Code reader

When you ignore a Check engine light you risk:

    • Further engine and emission component  damage
    • Vehicle engine performance problemsInnova 3160 obd2 scantool
    • Possibly much higher repair costs
    • Increased fuel consumption
    • Failing your Smog inspection


Now you can diagnose and solve many common engine problems yourself.

Save money and time by avoiding unneeded repairs and swapping out good parts, easier than ever to use, the new ObdII Diagnostic Scan Tools that are available today are designed to help the do-it-yourselfer determined to save money on their vehicle maintenance and repairs.

The professional Automotive Technician can also benefit from using these tools to be more productive and flag more hours, technicians love the Equus Innova scan tools for running monitors.

Here at Obd2 Scan Tool Headquarters we have brought together over 60 of the Best Selling Scan Tools and Code Readers on the market today.

Both professional Automotive Technicians and do-it-yourselfers can find there Scan tool here, entry level or advanced users.


What does a Scan tool do ?

It plugs into a diagnostic port or data link connector (DLC) that is usually under your drivers side dash, this port is wired up to your cars computer which monitors your engine and transmission and numerous other systems for potential problems. When the computer sees a problem it sets a trouble code which can be retrieved with your code reader.

Depending on the level of Scan tool it is able to:

  • retrieve stored trouble codes
  • erase stored codes
  • read freeze frame data
  • show live data stream
  • show a line graph of live dataTime for Code Reader
  • record and playback live data
  • show status of readiness monitors
  • give you verified fix information
  • turn on or off actuators, motors
  • access ABS or Air bag systems


Once you get the trouble code and description out of the cars computer you can begin your repair. Almost all of the Code readers and Scan tools will pull codes and clear codes, for more in depth information you will have to get a scan tool with a little more functionality, like the live data option which shows you the actual readings of your components and sensors.

Also the freeze frame function comes in handy if you problem occurs at a certain temperature or rpm etc. The scanner freezes the data at the time of failure so you can review the numbers later. Maybe the problem happens when the engine is cold or when it has warmed up to operating temperature.


 Scan tools are known by many names, here are a few of the common ones :

  • Code Reader
  • Code scanner
  • Obd Code Reader
  • Obd1 Code reader
  • Obd2 Code Reader
  • Obdii Code Reader
  • Diagnostic Scan tool
  • Obd2 Scan tool
  • Obdii Scan tool
  • Obd scanner
  • Engine Scan tool
  • Automotive Scan tool
  • Vehicle Scan tool
  • ObdII Diagnostic Scan Tool

obd stands for  “On Board Diagnostic

Code Reader History 

Starting in the early 1980s vehicle manufacturers started putting diagnostic connectors in their vehicles, this allowed a code reader to be plugged into the vehicle electrical system. This enabled any body with a code reader easy access to important information about their vehicle. Model years from the 80s up to 1995 are referred to as obd 1 and models 1996 and up are called obd2.

Prior to 1996 many vehicles had very limited code reader access. Many of them flashed codes through the check engine light after grounding out certain wires. If you are looking for a scan tool or code reader for 1995 and down, make sure it can read obd1 vehicles. There are so many different connectors for 1995 and down, model year vehicles, most scan tool manufacturers do not offer scan tools for them.

If they do they are much more costly and usually only auto repair shops will have them. If you need a full function obd1 scanner, go to the OTC page from the top menu bar. After 1996 all scanner connectors for all vehicles are the same 16 pin female connector. This was a good thing for consumers because the price of the scan tools dropped to a much more affordable price range.

obd2 scanner connector


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       16 pin obd2 connector 

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